Fitness Mic 101: How to Look After Your Audio Transmitter

Changing Batteries

When removing the battery cover, slide the cover down. When placing the battery inside the transmitter, make sure the battery’s the correct way and is placed in bottom-first. Make sure the ribbon is behind the battery to allow ease of removal.

Check that the battery has power by making sure the red light flashes once and turns off when you turn the transmitter on. If the battery light does not disappear, it is indicating that the battery is flat.

When removing the battery, simply lift the ribbon up and eject the battery.

When replacing the battery cover, put it on right to left and push it down.

Changing Channels

The black dial under the battery cover is the channel selector. The MT dial is the gain level. Adjust as required.

Connecting Your Microphone

When connecting your mic to your transmitter, line up the clip on the plug with the groove on the transmitter. Insert the microphone.

When it’s time to release the microphone, push in the button which releases the lock and removes the microphone. Never twist, jerk, or force the plug in or out.

Following these tips will help you maximise your microphone transmitter’s lifespan and performance so you can deliver the best fitness class hassle-free!