For fast turnaround Service support: email with any questions, call either Andrew or John on (02) 8399 1052, OR securely post your repairs with all your contact and Invoice details to:

AMA Service, PO Box 321, Alexandria, NSW, 1435.

Fitness Instructors happily get many years of use from our high-quality products, however things do happen from time to time in a fitness club environment, so fast turnaround Service support is as important to us as it is for them.

The Aeromic two year ‘No Sweat' warranty requires that all capsule repairs and replacements to Aeromic and Cyclemic microphones must be carried out by our trained AMA technicians; likewise for any Fitness Audio electronics repairs. Many of our overseas distributors also have trained technical staff that can do running repairs to our Fitness Audio transmitters for international customers.

For our Australian customers, if they can be posted, please send any of our products in need of servicing to:

AMA Service, PO Box 321, Alexandria, NSW, 1435.

If sending repairs by courier our office/warehouse is located at:

Unit 17, 110 Bourke Road, Alexandria, NSW, 2015, Australia.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm, EDT. Please call (02) 8399 1052 first if you would like to make an appointment and either John or Andrew will be happy to help you with any enquiries.

Alternatively you can email with any questions about our products.