FireFit Alexandria

Fitness Audio custom designed and installed a quality sound and lighting system for Fire Fit Alexandria. Our experienced audio team put together a vibrant sound system that would deliver clear, concise, and loud audio to each group fitness room and prevent the music from bleeding out to other parts of the studio. Our dedicated lighting team designed dynamic, colour-changing lighting installations for each fitness room to help motivate Fire Fit members, differentiate the rooms from one another, and make the entire studio stand out from our competitors.

Fitness Cartel Albion Park

Fitness Cartel called on Fitness Audio to provide them with a custom gym sound and lighting installation for their new studio in Albion Park. Our team delivered, designing and installing vibrant sound systems and immersive lighting across their reception, bathrooms, gym floor, and group fitness rooms. By working closely with the Fitness Cartel team, we were able to provide sound and lighting solutions that meet their wants, needs, vision, and budget.

Custom Gym Stereo Solutions

Fitness Audio specialises in custom sound and light installations specific to the fitness industry. Whether you have a small boutique studio or a multi-level fitness centre, we have the expert knowledge and industry experience to provide you with a sound and lighting system that will stand out.

Our sound installations are custom-built to the specifications of your space. Everything from speaker positioning to speaker type is carefully selected to complement the natural acoustics of your fitness centre. We build our sound systems around the microphone, allowing you to raise the volume of your music right up without compromising your microphone’s audio or having to deal with feedback.

We also provide custom lighting solutions for studios looking to make a statement with their lighting. Our dynamic, colour-changing lighting installations will add vibrance to your fitness centre, giving it that fun and motivating nightclub-feel. All our products are reliable and easy to use, so all you need to worry about is getting in and teaching your class!

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