Fire Fit Alexandria

FireFit Alexandria

The Challenge

Fire Fit called on Fitness Audio to custom design and install a sound and lighting system in their Alexandria studio. The studio, which comprises two group fitness rooms located back-to-back, required a vibrant sound system that would deliver loud audio to each individual room, without bleeding into each other. The Fire Fit team also wanted immersive lighting that would motivate their clients and differentiate their two group fitness rooms from one another. 

The Solution

Fitness Audio helped Fire Fit achieve their sound and lighting vision. By custom-designing a sound system for each room, selecting state-of-the-art audio equipment, and mounting the speakers in specific directions, we were able to develop a loud, concise, and clear audio environment that was contained to each room.

To ensure the Fire Fit Instructors could be heard by all members in the classes, we also equipped the Instructors with wireless EMics, complete with transmitters built onto the back of the microphone frames. This mic configuration allows the Instructors to communicate to all members without being restricted by any wires or cables. 

We also extended the sound system to the reception, corridors, and bathrooms, with the audio in all of these areas easily controllable by a master iPad. 

In addition to the sound system, we custom designed a lighting installation that would wow Fire Fit’s members, differentiate the two group fitness rooms from one another, and make the entire studio stand out from competitors. For the Strike Boxing studio, we custom-made halo lights which we installed above each boxing bag. We also custom-made a Strike logo for the studio’s wall to make the space pop and let members know they are in the Strike studio. To finish off the space, we installed two LED recessed strips around the perimeter of the room to create a boxing ring effect. 

Like the sound system, the lighting system is easily controlled from an iPad. Fire Fit Instructors can easily change and adjust the lighting show with the press of a button, allowing them to focus on their members and fitness class.

The Feedback

We have received an abundance of positive feedback from both the Fire Fit team and their members. Club Manager, Najet says, “The feedback that we’re getting from our members is amazing. They love the sound and lighting - it really gets them going for the rest of the day!”

The Fitness Audio team thoroughly enjoyed working with Fire Fit Alexandria and we look forward to continuing our work with the Fire Fit brand as they open up new studios.

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