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Microphone Care Tips For Aeromic, Cyclemic and EMic

Your Fitness Microphone is an important and expensive item. It’s the best tool to help you be an effective instructor. To get the most from your mi...

MIIEGO - Experts In Sport Headphones

Aeromic Australia is pleased to announce we have become a supplier of MIIEGO sports headphones. MIIEGO Headphones are wireless, sweat resistant and...

Not Another Manic Monday with Shannon Dooley

Sydney's very own queen of Retrosweat, Shannon Dooley took Sydney Good Food Month to new fluoro-tastic levels with a Palm Springs-inspired work out set to the best of new and old school Californian tunes.

Introducing the new Fitness Audio Digital Wireless Microphone System!

Here at Aeromic Australia, we are always trying to improve and advance the technology of the microphones and wireless mic systems used in the fitn...

Caring For Your Fitness Microphone

Your Fitness Microphone is an important item. It’s the best tool to help you be an effective fitness instructor. We understand what it takes to get...

Buying a mic system? Call before you buy!

We received a phone call this week from a lady who was helping her daughter launch a new fitness club where she teaches Pilates classes. Her daught...

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