The Cyclemic Difference - Learning About The Components Of The Cyclemic Helps You Understand Why It Is Different

At Fitness Audio, we are aware that Spin Class Instructors are exposed to more sweat than most Fitness Instructors. That is why we have designed the Cyclemic - a highly sweat-resistant fitness microphone made specifically for Studio Cycling Instructors. ⁣

By incorporating a number of specific design components, our Cyclemic truly is the best bet to beat sweat for Spin Class. Read on to learn more about these components and find out the difference the Cyclemic will make in your Spin Class.⁣

Triple Capsule Protection System ⁣

All of our Cyclemics are built with what we call our “Triple Capsule Protection System”. This involves making the capsule of the mic out of marine-grade stainless steel - a highly corrosion-resistant material. The capsule is then protected by a double mesh arrangement, which causes sweat and spit droplets to fall off rather than be absorbed into the microphone. ⁣

J Curve Shape⁣

Spin Class Instructors tend to keep their head in a fixed, leaning position throughout their classes. This means sweat tends to drip straight down towards their mic capsules, with ample opportunity for the mic to aerate. ⁣

To combat this, we designed our Cyclemics so that they curve upwards in a “J” shape. This helps drain the sweat away from the frame of the mic, helping to prevent clogging and sweat-damage to the capsule.⁣

Carbon Collar⁣

Our Cyclemics are also all built with a blast-proof carbon fibre collar. The carbon collar prevents moisture from entering the mesh outside the capsule, further protecting the microphone from clogging. The collar is also acoustically transparent, so you know it will have no effect on the audio quality of your mic.

Lightweight and Comfortable⁣⁣

Last but not least, our Cyclemics are designed to be lightweight and comfortable. They can be easily moulded to fit different head shapes and sizes, so there is no risk of discomfort or irritation associated with wearing a headmic that is too big or too small. ⁣

Our Industry Gold Standard Cyclemics are well and truly the best option for Spin Instructors. They are highly durable and sweat-resistant, and come with a 2-Year Sweat Death Warranty for usage of up to 7 classes a day, 7 days a week. ⁣

Order yours here or contact us for more information. ⁣⁣