Why Choose Aeromic? - Here Are Eight Things You Should Know Before You Choose Mic

When it comes to purchasing a new fitness microphone, there are many things you should deliberate. Being aware of what to look for in a microphone is a good place to start, however you must also ensure that you are aware of what to look for in a fitness microphone specifically.⁣

From sweat resistance to durability, there are many things you must consider before you invest in a fitness mic. Fortunately, we’re here to break it down for you in a list of eight things we strongly believe you should know before you purchase your microphone. ⁣

1. Sweat Resistance is CRUCIAL

One of the main differentiators of fitness microphones from standard mics is their sweat resistant properties. As fitness mics are specifically designed for high-impact activity, everything from their shape to the materials they are made of helps to protect the microphone from sweat damage. ⁣

This is why you should never use a standard microphone for instructing fitness classes - they are not protected from moisture and will quickly malfunction upon exposure to sweat. ⁣

2. You Should Never Undermine Comfort⁣

Fitness Instructors often have to teach several lengthy classes a day, so it’s important that they are as comfortable as possible in order to perform as well as possible. ⁣

It is therefore critical that they have a fitness microphone that doesn’t cause discomfort or irritation, and sits well on their head.⁣

Purchasing a lightweight fitness mic that can be adjusted to different shapes and sizes is a good place to start. This prevents the discomfort that comes hand-in-hand with wearing a mic that is too big or too small, or just doesn’t quite bend the right way.⁣

3. Note How Many Classes You Instruct, And How Intense They Are⁣

If you purchase a microphone that cannot withstand the amount and intensity of the classes you are instructing, then we can guarantee that you’ll be buying a new mic sooner than you know it. To ensure your microphone will last as long as possible, you must determine how often you will use it, and how high-impact the class you instruct is. ⁣

For example, if you instruct 40 Zumba classes a week, you will need a fitness mic that has high durability, whereas, if you instruct 10 Yoga Classes a week, you can get away with using a mic designed for lighter usage.⁣

4. Microphones Are A Package Deal⁣

Unfortunately, you can’t just purchase a single mic and be all ready to teach your class. Microphones require additional equipment to function, such as transmitters and receivers. More often than not, you will be advised to purchase a full mic system which will come with everything you need to get started.⁣

However, if you do already own one component of the system, you can still purchase the rest of the system, but you MUST ensure that they are compatible. The best way to do this is to contact the supplier and double-check that their mic/transmitter/receiver is compatible with the mic/transmitter/receiver you wish to purchase.⁣

For more information on why this is important, read our Buying A Mic System? Call Before You Buy! blog⁣

5. Plan Where You Will Store Your Mic⁣

Given their proximity to the face, fitness mics can get very sweaty very quickly. Therefore, it’s important you store it somewhere where it has an opportunity to dry properly. We recommend you store your mic in a cool, dry place, where there is plenty or air circulation and it is safe from damage. It’s also advised that you hang your mic up on a hook to promote faster drying. ⁣

Giving your mic time to dry between classes is also important in maintaining good hygiene practices and preventing sweat-damage. ⁣

6. Know What’s Involved In Maintenance⁣

Maintaining your fitness microphone is critical in maximising its lifespan. If you do not care for your mic properly, it will be more susceptible to damage from sweat and impact. ⁣

Appropriate storage, regular cleaning and prevention from maltreatment are the best ways to ensure your mic lasts as long as possible.⁣

For more information on microphone maintenance, visit our Microphone Care Tips For Aeromic, Cyclemic and EMic blog.⁣

7. Advantages Of A Carbon Collar⁣

When determining which fitness mic to purchase, you should consider purchasing one with a carbon collar. This is a protective device that prevents the mesh in front of your mic’s capsule from getting clogged. Protection from clogging ensures high audio quality and increases the life expectancy of your microphone.⁣

For more on carbon collars, head to our Aeromic Life Expectancy Increased With The Carbon Collar blog. ⁣

8. Understanding How The Mic System Works Will Save You A Lot Of Hassle⁣

Before you place your order, you should be aware of how your mic system will function. Understanding how your mic audio is transported from your mic to your speakers will help you to ensure that you have not forgotten any critical equipment and will also help you to understand and identify potential issues that may cause your sound system to malfunction. ⁣

If you have any questions regarding your mic system, don’t hesitate to contact our team!⁣

There is no shortage of considerations that must be made when purchasing a new fitness microphone. Although it may take a bit more time, ensuring that your new fitness mic ticks all the boxes will save you lots of time and money in the long-run. Thus, our final piece of advice would be to stick to fitness microphones that are highly recommended and offer a warranty. ⁣

At Fitness Audio, we recommend our Industry Gold Standard Aeromic Fitness Microphone if you’re looking for something high-quality that will last. Branded the ‘best bet to beat sweat’, our Aeromic is highly-sweat resistant, coming with a 2 Year Sweat-Death Warranty for up to 7 classes a day, 7 days a week. It is also designed for comfort with a lightweight frame that can be easily moulded to fit different head shapes and sizes. ⁣

For more information, call us today on 02 8399 1052.⁣⁣