Aeromic life expectancy increased with the Carbon Collar

Aeromic Microphones Australia (AMA) introduced a further refinement of the current Aeromic and Cyclemic headworn microphones for Fitness Instructors earlier this year. They now come with a carbon protector encasing the capsule. It is acoustically transparent and protects the mesh in front of the capsule from getting clogged or wet from sweat or spit.

Peter Paisley, the Aeromic’s designer and manufacturer, said “This development will overcome issues of having to re-mesh mics at the customers expense during the 2 Year Warranty period as “fair wear and tear” cost because now the mesh does not come into contact with the user’s face so we are confident it will now last longer in the field when used within our guidelines of 7 classes a day 7 days a week”.

John Penhallow, CEO of AMA added “After extensive testing in heavy use facilities, we are happy that Peter’s latest development provides exceptional capsule protection while preserving the Aeromic’s crystal clear sound. However, we won’t be removing the famous “Do Not Bend” advice from the yellow boom-arm. If Instructors do insist on bending it inwards then the capsule will be at a reduced risk of failure because of the Carbon Collar protecting it”.

Aeromic Microphones specialises in audio solutions for the fitness industry and makes the Aeromic and Cyclemic in Sydney. You can order them with connectors for many different brands of wireless transmitters. This includes the Fitness Audio transmitters which AMA says best suits fitness industry conditions.

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