Microphone Care Tips For Aeromic, Cyclemic and EMic

Your Fitness Microphone is an important and expensive item. It’s the best tool to help you be an effective instructor. To get the most from your microphone please follow these basic guidelines.

Storage: Giving your microphone a rest between classes with a place to dry out is important. Whenever your microphone is not in use, store it in a place that is safe from abuse with plenty of air circulation to dry it. It’s easy if you have a hook near or attached to your sound system rack to hang it.

If you store it at reception or in an office for safekeeping, put an adhesive hook on a wall about 1m above a shelf and hang the mic there to dry, resting the belt-pack on the shelf below.

Keeping the mic connected to the belt-pack as much possible relieves stress on the connectors.

The Mic Capsule: Protect the capsule – the most important part of the microphone is the capsule, be- cause it’s the part you talk into. Any damage to the capsule will affect the sound quality and therefore the usability of the microphone.

Don’t try to clean or wipe the capsule with sanitisers, cleaners, or alcohol wipes: these types of cleaners can dissolve the sweat-proof coating and cause damage.

Avoid flooding the capsule with spit and sweat: this can happen with over-use and inadequate dry time between uses.

Cable: Other brands supply headmics with screened copper cables which can be delicate and weak. Aeromic, Cyclemic and EMic headsets are made with steel core cables, which add strength. This doesn’t mean the cable is unbreakable, it’s just a lot harder to break by accident.

Avoid cutting, scraping or cracking the wires as this can cause damage. Do not clean with wipes, solvents, or alcohol: this leads to drying out the jacket making it brittle.

Avoid sharp kinks: the individual cables may be strong but they can become damaged if you pinch or kink the wire. A damaged jacket will let your sweat in which could cause a short (loss of sound) or crackle.

Do not wind the cable around the headset or your hand: it will kink the wire and shorten the life of your microphone.

Connector: The connector that plugs into the belt-pack is important and you need to keep it clean. Fortunately for you, you have more sweat protection at the connector with an Aeromic, Cyclemic or EMic. We help prevent corrosion by applying a dab of eGloop electrical grease to the Fitness Audio belt-pack connector before shipping. However it may still need occasional maintenance.

If you hear crackling sounds coming from the connector it may need cleaning out with De-Oxit D5 spray cleaner.

Windscreens:  You should always use a windscreen with an EMic, unless you are using it in the pool. The windscreen helps EMic work better by allowing it to be positioned closer to your mouth to take advantage of the noise cancelling feature of the mic capsule.

Remove the EMic windscreen when the microphone is not in use. Every EMic user should have their own windscreen.

Spare EMic windscreens are available from our site

Remember, a little care goes a long way and a little neglect or abuse could cost you more money!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣