Designing A Sound System To Suit Gyms & Group Fitness Rooms

Recently a large portion of our audio visual install work has been to visit sites where the original sound system was not installed with group fitness classes in mind. As most of you know, a key factor in group fitness and cycle / spin rooms is the wireless microphone. Instructors need to be heard, and participants want to hear the instructor, loud, clear and without any annoying feedback or squeals. A key factor for achieving this is speaker positioning. Putting the speakers where they are ‘easiest' to install, rather than where they are ‘ideal’ to install is the most common problem with installers who have little to no experience in the fitness industry. Another factor is the type/size of speaker for the room. 

With over 30 years of experience in supplying and installing sound systems for the fitness industry, the team at Fitness Audio know how to avoid the above situations and install a sound system that is customised to each individual room

If you are looking for any audio visual install work for your group fitness rooms, a background music system for the gym floor or a PA system for the whole gym, please give us a call to discuss how we can help achieve a sound system that is suited to your needs and budget.