Fitness Audio Belt Pack Wireless Mic Package

The Fitness Audio Belt Pack System has been the sweat-resistant fitness teaching standard for over 15 years!

The ever-popular Fitness Audio BodyPack system comprises of the reliable sweat-protected UHF SM716 Transmitter and the matching SDR 5616 16 Channel selectable receiver.

What's in the box? Apart from the transmitter pack, receiver and DC power supply, it also comes with a jack-to-jack cable to hook it up to most brands of mixers, including our Aeromix line, to get a well-balanced vocal sound.

If you already have a Fitness Audio U-Series wireless mic system and want another one in the same frequency group then select your group in the selection box above. If you're unsure then select the 1st option and we will send you the best one for your address.

It's all in the box so buying an Aeromic and Fitness Audio combination is the best bet for handling sweat!

Optional rack mount kit with antenna extensions available, so you can neatly mount in your existing rack. 

For any enquiries, please call the team on 02 8399 1052


Receiver & Transmitter Manual