Fitness Audio Mini Transmitter MTU8

The new Fitness Audio MT-U8 8-channel mini Transmitter can be attached to the frame of our microphones, or long cable-mounted as per usual - the choice is yours!The Mini-Tx is powered by one AAA battery; best used with either Alkaline, Lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries. The circuit board is coated with the anti-corrosion lacquer that's exclusive to Fitness Audio; molded rubber O-rings seal the two halves and the cover and there are no exposed switches so the transmitter is sealed against sweat. 

If you need FLEXIBILITY you can now choose the head mic that will do the job best for you: Aeromic, Cyclemic, EMic, Tie Clip or VMic. We can connect it to the Mini Tx in the style that best suits your purpose, whether that is on the headframe, at the end of the cable for use with an Aeromic waist Pouchbelt or ArmPouch, or simply put in your pocket for public speaking. It is available in 2 groups of 8 frequencies in the two 16-channel frequency groups to match with the receivers: 630-650MHz and 598-610MHz (in Australia) and in other groups that are legal to use in their respective countries from our international distributors.

This is the cost of an extra or second transmitter to go with an existing FA Receiver package or Chiayo Portable PA, so you'll need to order it with a mic. Please check out the package prices available.

Mini Transmitter Flyer

Receiver & Transmitter Manual