The Surprising Injury Associated With Being A Fitness Instructor And How To Avoid It

There are many injuries that can result from working long-term as a Fitness Instructor, however some that are not commonly considered are those relating to the voice mechanism. In a recent article published by the New York Times, the effects of screaming and shouting at a gym class all day long are examined.⁣

Along with teachers and lawyers, Fitness Instructors are amongst the group of professionals most at-risk of developing vocal injuries such as polyps, nodules, and haemorrhages. Shouting at top volume all day, several days a week, is an occupational health hazard. This is particularly concerning as the fitness industry is rapidly growing. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment for Trainers is likely to increase 13% by 2028.⁣

This may be daunting news, however the article does suggest a number of ways in which vocal damage can be prevented. Some tactics include reducing background noise such as music, leaving spaces between classes, staying hydrated, and even making a habit of practicing vocal warm-ups. The article also states the importance of using microphones during fitness classes.⁣

Fitness microphones can significantly reduce the occurrence of vocal injuries and damage. It is, however, important that they are used correctly in order for them to be able to work to their maximum potential.⁣

To get the most out of your microphone, you should ensure you have a solid sound system too. This will make the audio clearer and reduce the need to shout. Furthermore, the positioning of speakers plays an important role in audio quality. There may be little control Trainers have over this if they are conducting online classes, however in gyms it is a good tactic to set up the stereo system around the microphone, and not vice-versa.⁣

You should also ensure you understand how to use your microphone to your maximum vocal potential. This may be by ensuring your microphone is in its correct position, and ensuring you are maintaining a constant and clear volume when speaking.⁣

Being a fantastic Fitness Trainer doesn’t mean you should compromise your vocal health. It’s important that you look after your voice just like you’d look after any other part of your body. So get your voice mechanism in shape now!⁣