Breaking Down The Sound System

When it comes to installing a new sound system, things can get a little overwhelming - especially when your specialty is fitness, not audio. There are many different components of the sound system including the microphone, transmitters, mixers, and of course, the speakers. It can all get a little confusing, however even just a small amount of background knowledge can make a huge difference. Understanding what does what and how will help you troubleshoot any potential audio issues you may encounter in your gym. Read on to find out more.⁣

What Is a Sound System?⁣

A sound system is a collection of different components that together produce the ultimate sound output and amplify it so it's loud enough to provide useful audio to the user. While each of these components individually has different uses, together they offer a powerful, crisp audio output that's designed to create a large-impact, engaging, and motivating environment.⁣

Sound Systems are often built based on the facility's needs. Gym's need a sound system that can pump motivating music but won't compromise the audio coming from the Instructor's mic.⁣


Microphones are a pretty simple piece of audio equipment, but they play a huge role in the whole system. They are critical in capturing the Fitness Instructor’s instructions and conveying them to the attendants, so they know what to do.⁣

Fitness mics also prevent Instructors from having to strain their voices. A good-quality mic and sound system will ensure the music never over-powers the audio from the microphone.⁣⁣


The transmitter is the device that connects your mic’s raw audio to your receiver. It works by converting the sound waves from your microphone into radio waves which are then broadcasted to the receiver. ⁣

Usually your transmitter will plug straight into your microphone and connect to your receiver wirelessly. ⁣

Transmitters can differ in size and frequency ranges, so it’s important you know what transmitter is best suited for you. This will be dependent upon where you plan to store your transmitter (in your pocket, Pouchbelt, Armpouch, or attached to your headset). If you already have a receiver and are wanting to purchase a transmitter to use with it, you will also need to make sure that they are compatible. The best way to do this is to purchase one from the same brand or supplier and ensure the frequency range of the transmitter matches that of your receiver. ⁣


A receiver is a type of amplifier. The difference is, though, that receivers can receive signals and amplifiers alone cannot (hence why it is called a receiver). ⁣

Your receiver will pick up radio waves broadcasted from your transmitter. It will then extract and amplify the audio signals attached to these waves, and send them to your speaker/s. ⁣

As suggested before, it is recommended that you purchase your transmitter and receiver as a set to ensure compatibility.⁣


If you’re planning on playing music and using a microphone, a mixer is a MUST. A mixer will allow you to combine two or more audio sources and alter their dynamics separately. This will give you complete control over the volume and tone of each source and ensure neither overpowers the other. ⁣

Our Group Exercise Sound System Packages include mixers. If you’re seeking to buy one separately, however, visit the Pro Audio section of our website. ⁣


Last but not least, we have the speakers. Your speakers will connect directly to your receiver/amplifier, pick up their audio signals, and convert them into sound waves that can be heard.⁣

The quality of your audio is directly related to the quality of your speakers. That’s why we emphasise that having high-quality speakers is a non-negotiable for all fitness centres!⁣

Fitness Audio are proud suppliers of dbTechnologies speakers. These speakers are high-quality and built to last.

We understand that sound systems certainly are not straightforward. There are many individual components and a fair bit of science involved too. Fitness Audio is always here to help, however. Whether you need clarification on the function of certain audio products, or simply want a recommendation, do not hesitate to contact our team!⁣