Taking your Gym’s Atmosphere to the Next Level with S2L Lighting

Your fitness studio’s lighting plays a significant role in setting a vibrant workout atmosphere and differentiating your gym from competitors. Having dynamic, multi-coloured lights can boost your members’ motivation levels through the roof. They can also make a mundane workout significantly more fun, particularly for classes such as spin and aerobics.⁣

A way to level-up your gym’s lighting even more, however, is to install a S2L (sound to light) lighting system.⁣

A S2L lighting system is composed of a series of dynamic, colour-changing lights that are triggered by the music you play. Through the use of a ‘beat detector’, the lights will move and change colour to complement the beat and rhythm of your playlist.⁣

S2Ls are frequently used in nightclubs and music festivals to help set a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. So there’s no reason not to use them in your gym! They can be a great tool in raising adrenaline levels to help get your customers smashing their goals and coming back for more! ⁣

If you’re wanting to jazz up your gym’s atmosphere with S2L lighting, contact Fitness Audio today! We can design and install a custom S2L lighting system that compliments your studio and the class you teach. ⁣