How Do We Make Our Products Sweat-Resistant?

At Fitness Audio, we specialise in AV equipment specifically designed for gyms and Fitness Centres. This means that unlike other general AV providers, we need to take sweat into consideration when we design and manufacture our products.

In order to tackle this challenge, we have come up with numerous ways to keep our products safe from sweat. This way, Fitness Instructors can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their microphones and transmitters will last! Here’s how.

Carbon Collar

Our Aeromics and Cyclemics are both made with our specially designed Carbon Collars. These collars are acoustically transparent and protect the mesh in front of the mic capsule from getting clogged or wet from spit or sweat.

Waterproof Capsule

Your microphone’s capsule is exposed to the most moisture, whether it’s spit or sweat. Because of this, we manufacture our microphones with waterproof capsules in order to reduce the chances of moisture or clogging related damages occurring to your fitness mic.

Sealed, Reinforced Frames

All our microphone frames are sealed and reinforced to further prevent sweat from getting inside. All connectors are also sweat protected as this is where moisture damage most commonly occurs.

Corrosion-Resistant Lacquer

Like headmics, mic transmitters can also be damaged by sweat. Because of this, we add a corrosion-resistant lacquer to the circuit boards of our transmitters to prevent sweat damage.

Our fitness microphone systems have been dubbed ‘the best bet against sweat’ and are built to last! However, there are some things you can do to further protect your audio equipment from sweat damage. This includes:

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