How to Level-Up Your Yoga Class

  • 2 min read

Right now, Yoga is more popular than ever. More and more people are getting into Yoga and more and more Yoga studios are opening up. Because of this, it is critical to look into ways to improve your Yoga class. Doing so will keep your class competitive and prevent other Yoga studios from snatching up your clients.

Fortunately, Fitness Audio is here to help with three easy ways you can level-up your Yoga class.

Explain Everything Clearly

Most Yoga Instructors are well-trained on how to explain each pose and direct their students into those poses. What’s also important is explaining the importance of each pose. Giving a quick explanation of what each pose does and what it improves (whether it’s core strength, posture, flexibility, etc) goes a long way in creating a more positive Yoga class experience. Your students will come out of each class feeling as though they had an effective Yoga session and learnt something new along the way.

Whether you’re explaining how to get into a pose or what a pose does, making sure your class can hear you clearly is an absolute necessity. Fitness Audio recommends all Group Fitness Instructors, including Yoga Instructors, invest in a quality fitness microphone so they can be heard by all their students.

Even though Yoga is a more quiet, less-intense fitness class, a solid microphone and sound system can go a long way!

Use Music to Your Advantage

Playing calming, meditative music will also improve the experience your students have in your Yoga class. Researching Yoga music and curating a playlist for your class will boost the ambience of your Yoga class’s environment and set a more relaxing vibe.

Once again, you want to ensure you have the right sound equipment that will allow you to play clear, quality-sounding music and talk to your class simultaneously.

Whether your Yoga class is indoors or outdoors, Fitness Audio has the perfect sound system for you. Click here to view our full range of gym sound systems.

Connect With Your Members

Last but not least, you want to make an effort to connect with your members. Simply remembering names, sticking around before and after your class to chat to your students, and facilitating conversation between them goes a long way in adding a personal touch to your Yoga class.

This will reinforce your students’ loyalty to your class and prevent them from wanting to change to other Yoga studios.

For more information on levelling-up your Yoga class, contact Fitness Audio today!