3 Tools Every Virtual Fitness Instructor Needs

Whether you’re an experienced Virtual Fitness Instructor or you’re new to the game, it is paramount that you have the right tools.

Streaming your fitness classes isn’t always easy and there are a multitude of complications that can arise, so ensuring you have the right equipment to prevent them will give you the best shot at running a successful online fitness class.

Here are Fitness Audio's top 3 tools that every Virtual Fitness Instructor needs.

1. An Audio Mixer

If you want nice, clear sound, a quality audio mixer is going to be important.

Having one that can accommodate a microphone and speakers at a minimum will give you the best shot at ensuring you are delivering crystal-clear audio to your fitness class.

A quality mixer will also help ensure that your music does not overpower your voice. This way your class will be able to hear you clearly and listen to your pumping playlist while they workout.

2. A Microphone

Investing in a solid fitness mic is a must!

There’s nothing more disappointing than attending a virtual fitness class where you can’t even hear the Fitness Instructor.

Having a good-quality fitness microphone that won’t restrict your movements will ensure that your class can hear you clearly and follow along easily. It will also prevent that awful crackling noise that often occurs when using poor-quality mics.

3. Our Advice

Although setting up your streaming equipment may seem fairly straightforward, professional advice always helps!

Whether you encounter an audio issue or you simply want advice on what equipment would be best for your virtual class, Fitness Audio is always here to help.

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