Microphone Feedback - What it is and How to Prevent it

One of the most common audio issues many Fitness Instructors and Group Exercise Directors have to deal with is microphone feedback on their wireless mic systems. Although this is an annoying thing to have to deal with, it is usually fairly easy to resolve.

What is Microphone Feedback?

Microphone feedback refers to the squealing or whale-like sound you get when a microphone picks itself up through the speakers. When this occurs, it feeds the sound back into the speakers, making a loop.

This can be disruptive to your group fitness class and cause you to lose members. Because of this, it is important that Fitness Teachers understand not only why mic feedback occurs, but also how to stop it.

How to Prevent Microphone Feedback?

There are a few easy fixes Exercise Instructors can implement to stop mic feedback. Firstly, try turning down the trim or gain control on your wireless microphone transmitter. If that doesn’t work, rearrange the speakers in your fitness studio so that they are not pointing back at the Instructor. Also for the sake of your sound quality, make sure your speakers are not positioned in the four corners of your exercise room! Finally, if you’re still experiencing feedback, try adjusting your equaliser on your fitness mixer controls to minimise the group of sounds (bass or treble) that is giving you issues.

If neither of these things work, give Fitness Audio a call! Our audio experts are always happy to help.

P.S. if your wireless mic system is cutting in and out, making popping sounds, or you hear static, it's probably not microphone feedback, but we can usually help with that, too.