How to Level-Up Your Pilates Class

Whether you’ve been teaching Pilates for years now or are just starting out, it’s important to ensure that you are providing your members with the very best fitness class experience possible. If you don’t, you run the risk of losing your clients to competing Pilates studios!

Fortunately, Fitness Audio is here to help. Read on to find out three easy things you can do to take your Pilates class to the next level and maximise member retention!

Maximise Your Audio Quality

A common mistake many Pilates Instructors make is focussing purely on their exercise equipment and putting very little effort into their sound equipment. Although it is critical to have high-quality Pilates machines and accessories, having a high-quality sound system is just as important.

This is because of two main reasons:

  1. you need loud and clear music that will boost your members’ motivation levels, and
  2. you need to be able to deliver concise instructions to your class without being overpowered by the music.

A good-quality audio set-up will allow you to pump your music and deliver clear instructions simultaneously. This will make your class easier to follow, help your members smash their goals, and provide your members with an all-round positive group fitness class experience.

The best way to go about maximising your studio’s sound is to get a custom audio installation set up in your gym. Fitness Audio offers top of the range audio installs custom designed for your Pilates studio. Our fitness sound professionals will assess your space, advise you on what equipment you do and do not need, and install everything quickly and seamlessly. We are also on call whenever you need us so we can remedy any audio issues you may encounter in the future.

Motivate With Lighting

Similarly to fitness sound equipment, many Pilates Instructors undermine the role a solid lighting system can play in their Pilates studio. Although Pilates is a lower-intensity, slower-paced fitness class, installing fun, dynamic lighting can help boost the experience your members have in your class.

Like a pumping sound system, a vibrant lighting system will maximise motivation levels in your class, and help your members get the most out of their workouts.

Fitness Audio can help you achieve an inspiring lighting environment with our custom light solutions. We can install a dynamic, colour-changing, and easy-to-use lighting system custom-made for your Pilates studio. This will wow your members and differentiate your fitness centre from competitors!

Remember The Simple Things

Last but not least, remembering to do the simple things will go a long way in your Pilates class. This includes remembering your clients' names, explaining the role and importance of each exercise, and making your Pilates class a fun and personal experience by getting to know your members and helping them to get to know each other.

These things will drastically improve member retention as your clients will feel more connected to you, your class, and their classmates.

For more information on levelling-up your Pilates studio, talk to the Fitness Audio team today!