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Fitness Audio Mini Mixer

Introducing the AMX-32.2 Mini Mixer: a purpose made Voice over Music Mixer for use in studio systems on a budget. Connect one or two wireless mic receivers and a CD Player or BlueTooth Receiver into the RCA sockets on the back, and rack-mount it with the included rack mount kit. It features an auto selecting MP3 Player input socket on the front panel and our exclusive iJax hook-up cable is supplied.

The Mixer has separate Voice and Music Volume and Tone Sweep Controls. The set and forget Master Volume control is hidden away on the rear panel. It has matching styling to the Fitness Audio U-Series Wireless Receiver and our AeroLink Bluetooth Receiver so you can rack mount it in either a standard 19 inch rack or a 10" IT Rack (Rack Mount Kits are optional extras). Two Balanced 6.35mm TRS output jacks on the back allow connection to a stereo or mono Power Amp or to Powered Speakers with the additional cables supplied as extras.

Also included are connections on the back to link the MiniMixer to our LM-30 Loudness Monitor. Connect the two together with a run of CAT5/6 cable and when the pre-set sound level is exceeded by a few adjustable seconds then the mixer reacts by cutting the sound back by 15dB. To restore sound to the pre-set allowed volume just lower the mic and mixer levels a touch until just the first red led lights up on the LM-30 not all 3! There is also a Music Mute connection to a fire Alarm system if it is required.

We are excited about this latest addition to our range because we can combine the Mini Mixer with our other half rack size models to make up a range of useful sound systems for many different room sizes when connected to a range of 4 powered loudspeakers. In Australia we will be using them with pairs of 5", 8", 10" and 12" 2-way active loudspeakers with the option to have a seperate power amp and passive versions of the loudspeakers too.

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