The Rise of Silent Fitness Classes

We’ve all heard of Silent Discos, but now it’s time to get ready for Silent Fitness Classes! From Boot Camps to Yoga, more and more classes are adopting the ‘silent’ method. ⁣

Incorporating wireless sound-cancelling headphones, Bluetooth receivers and a wireless microphone, these classes present zero disruptions to passer-byers and neighbours, and keep attendees focussed on their workout!⁣


The idea of a silent fitness class may seem redundant at first, but it presents many benefits to attendees, Instructors and the general public alike.⁣

For attendees, the concept can be highly stimulating and motivating. Cutting out background noise and external distractions, silent fitness classes allow attendees to focus completely on their workout. This drastically improves performance which, in turn, improves results. ⁣
Furthermore, feeling as though the Instructor is talking right into your ear is highly beneficial. Not only will the attendees be less likely to miss important steps and instructions, they will also be more motivated to push themselves.⁣⁣

Instructors can benefit from silent fitness classes as well. They do not have to raise their voices over surrounding noise, and they do not have to compete with external distractions for their clients’ attention. ⁣

There is also the added benefit that Instructors have the freedom to conduct their classes anywhere! They may choose to host classes on the street, in a park or in a shopping centre and do not have to worry about noise pollution to or from their class.⁣

There are obvious benefits for passer-byers and neighbours of fitness centres too. Whether it’s the booming music or the Instructor yelling encouragements, there is always a lot of sound associated with fitness classes. This is fantastic if you’re in the class, but can be super annoying if you are not.⁣

Luckily, with silent fitness classes, this is not an issue as the Instructor only has to talk into the mic, not shout! Sound does not get into the class and sound does not get out. ⁣


Silent fitness sound systems are not half as complicated as they may initially seem. The Instructor speaks into a microphone which is connected to each of the headphones via Bluetooth - simple as that!⁣

If you’re wanting to start a silent class, the easiest thing to do is to purchase a full silent fitness class sound system. This will come with absolutely everything you need and will be ready to go straight away!⁣

Our All-In-One Silent, Portable, Online and Loud Group Exercise System has everything you need to get started. It includes an E-Mic Headset and Mini Transmitter, a Bluetooth Receiver, a Portable PA System, a Silent Sounds Transmitter, your choice of either 10, 20 or 30 Silent Sounds Wireless Headphones, and everything you need for charging and storage!⁣

Order one here or contact the Fitness Audio Team for more information or to customise your own package!⁣