The Cost Of Owning A Fitness Microphone

You’ve probably heard time and time again that purchasing a fitness microphone is an investment all Fitness Instructors should make. This is evidently true, as there is no doubt that the benefits of owning a mic far outweigh the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining one. For more on the benefits of owning a fitness microphone, read our The Importance Of Microphones In Group Fitness blog. Otherwise, read on for a breakdown of the costs associated with owning a fitness mic.⁣


The First Expense - The Microphone Purchase⁣

The first cost associated with owning a microphone is, unsurprisingly, the initial purchase. If you really want to get the most out of your money, you should be investing in a good-quality, long-lasting microphone. It may seem more cost-efficient to purchase a cheap-and-cheery mic, but this will end up being an even greater expense as you will find that they don’t last long and the cost of constantly replacing or repairing them will quickly overtake the one-off cost of investing in an up-market microphone. ⁣

If you are going to do your wallet a favour and invest in a high-quality fitness mic, you should expect to pay between $250 - $500. This price will depend on how frequently you’re planning on using your microphone and the nature of your fitness class. For example, if you teach a high-intensity Spin Class 30 times a week you should expect to pay more than someone who teaches Yoga 12 times a week. ⁣

At Fitness Audio, we have an extensive range of different fitness microphones all suited for different intensities and usage levels. Our EMic is designed for more gentle fitness classes, such as Yoga and Pilates, and lighter usage levels (it comes with a 12-month guarantee for usage up to 20 classes a week!). Alternatively, our Aeromic and Cyclemic are designed for higher-impact classes, such as Spin and Zumba, and heavier usage (they come with a 2-year guarantee for up to 49 classes a week!).⁣⁣


The Second Expense - The Transmitter And Receiver Set⁣

In order for your microphone to be functional, you will need a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter  is the device that takes the sound waves from your microphone and converts them into radio waves. The transmitter sends these waves to the receiver which converts them into an audio signal for your Mixer and Amp to play through your speakers, over the music.⁣

Again, it’s beyond worthwhile investing in a transmitter and receiver set that will last. A high-quality set should cost between $400 - $600. This will include both the transmitter and receiver. It is ideal you purchase it as a set as transmitters and receivers from different brands are not compatible. ⁣

At Fitness Audio, we offer a Beltpack Transmitter System and a Mini Transmitter System. The Beltpack Transmitter will need to be stored in a Mic Belt or Arm Pouch, whilst the Mini Transmitter can be mounted onto the frame of your EMic or Aeromic. ⁣

If you don't already own a microphone though and really want to get the most out of your money, we’d recommend you purchase a Wireless Mic Package. This will come with a fitness microphone, a transmitter and a receiver. These packages will likely cost between $700 - $1100, once again dependent upon the type of microphone you require.⁣

At Fitness Audio, we offer single and double Wireless Mic Packages - some of which come with free bonuses! Head to our Aeromic/Cyclemic Packages and EMic Packages sections to learn more.⁣⁣


The Third (And Final) Expense - Accessories⁣

If you decide to invest in a high-quality fitness microphone and transmitter/receiver system, then it is highly likely that the only other associated costs in the following few years will be accessories. ⁣

These accessories include cleaning products, such as DeoxIt, protective products, such as eGloop Electronic Sweat Protectant Grease, batteries for your transmitter, spare Windscreens (the fluffy thing on the end of the microphone that you talk into) and Mic Belts (for your mic transmitter, or your phone, wallet or keys when out on a run). ⁣

Your transmitter will need either disposable batteries or a rechargeable battery and charger  (head to our Rechargeable Battery vs Disposable Battery blog to find out which is best for you). Other than that, all other accessories are optional (although cleaning products and spare Windscreens  are strongly recommended if you do want your microphone system to last as long as possible).⁣

We understand that this may be a bit of money to spend, however we can assure you that it is beyond worthwhile. Having that crystal clear voice audio that makes your fitness classes stand out will be a game-changer for both your customers and your Instructors. And this is why purchasing a fitness microphone truly is an investment all Instructors should make.⁣

For more information, contact the Fitness Audio team today. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣