The Best Products for Busy Fitness Studios

If you run a fitness studio, you’ll probably understand how stressful it can be when it gets busy. Having back-to-back classes and a constant influx of members means there’s very little time to rest, and definitely no time to have to sort out equipment issues. ⁣

Fortunately, by investing in the right equipment, there are ways you can run your studio more smoothly and less stressfully! Read on for Fitness Audio’s list of best products for busy gyms.⁣

Wireless Fitness Mics⁣

We’re all familiar with the endless benefits of wireless fitness microphones. One of the main advantages is that they’re easy to use and set up. You do not have to waste time figuring out where different plugs and wires go, and you can easily connect and disconnect them to your speakers. ⁣

Because of this, they are a great addition to busy gyms and fitness studios - particularly when there are back-to-back classes with little time between.⁣

Rechargeable Mic Transmitters⁣

There’s nothing that wastes time more than having to find replacement batteries for your mic transmitter. Especially when you’re about to teach a fitness class!⁣

With rechargeable mic transmitters, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery and needing to find replacements. You can simply plug them into their charging ports between classes and forget about ever buying batteries again.⁣

Mic Belts⁣

When it comes to working at a busy gym, convenience is everything. Having a mic belt where you can put your mic transmitteror phone and not lose it is a great way of maximising convenience. You’ll be less likely to lose your phone or transmitter and less likely to waste time trying to find it.⁣

App-Controlled Lights⁣

Good gym lighting is vital in setting a motivating workout environment. However, often it can be tricky to control and change the settings.⁣

Fortunately, app-controlled lighting systems are here to the rescue. These new systems can be easily controlled from a phone, tablet, or computer. You can easily change light colours, movements and intensity from your device.⁣

Investing in equipment that will save you time and make things easier for you and your Instructors is absolutely worthwhile. You’ll not only be able to run your studio more efficiently, but you’ll also reduce overall stress that comes with difficult and unreliable equipment.⁣

For any questions regarding the equipment listed above, get in contact with the Fitness Audio Team.⁣⁣