Pedal to the Metal: Fitness Audio in the Spin Studio

Vicious Cycle and Infinite Cycle are amongst a long list of fitness centres we have worked with in designing custom light and sound installations. Known for their dynamic classes and vibrant fitness environments, both Vicious Cycle and Infinite Cycle were recently written about in Pro AVL Asia and What’s New In Fitness.

The article breaks down the components of both their sound systems and goes into depth about what specific Fitness Audio products they use to create their renowned lively and motivating atmospheres. Read the article below.

AUSTRALIA: The days of heading out on two wheels for peace and solitude are over. Two Sydney-based cycling studios have created high SPL environments for their members to break sweat to at breakneck speed without having to venture beyond the spot they are rooted. Vicious Cycle is a rhythm riding studio that offers a mind, body and cardio experience workout to its members. Equipped with responsive bikes that lean from side to side, Infinite Cycle is a virtual cycle studio that takes its members through lush scenic landscapes courtesy of the video walls. The static, but multi-sensory journeys are both accompanied by the right balance of movement and motivation, but crucially music is central to both cycle experiences. As such, a unique full body fitness programme has been designed by adopting original music.

The audio solutions for both studios were designed by Aeromic project manager Andrew Zarounas and NAS Solutions designer and DSP programmer Michael Prestipino. Nof Loprieto from Primo Electrical was contracted as the systems integrator for both projects. “We were commissioned as we offer 25 years of specialised experience for gym members and owners,” explained Aeromic Microphones Australia co-director Andrew Zarounas. “They both wanted us to create an immersive feeling for their members regardless of where they were located in the room. Therefore, we designed the audio system around the rooms.”

For Vicious Cycle on Pitt Street, Aeromic Australia supplied a Fitness Audio UHF wireless system using Aeromic’s EMic with a sweat-resistant Fitness Audio bodypack transmitter and a rack mounted receiver for the instructors including Dannan Jameson. The cyclists are immersed on the musical voyage courtesy of four dB Technologies LVX 12 active wall-mounted speakers finished in white together with a 15-inch SUB615 subwoofer. An Ashly ne24.24 M 4 x 4 Audio DSP processor serves as the audio matrix for all inputs and outputs. Ease of use operation for the instructors is provided by an Ashly FR-8 wall-mounted volume controller.

“You need to trust the products that you are using,” commented Jameson. “Not only can we provide powerful audio, but our members can still receive understandable instructions. The audio system is a powerful statement and has created a highly immersive experience wherever you are cycling in the studio.” Each instructor is required to use their own microphone, but the studio specified a Fitness Audio Emic headset with integrated VHF transmitter as the house mic and a back-up for emergencies.

Equipped with four 10-inch dB Technologies LVX cabinets and a SUB615, Infinite Cycle Studio in Waterloo includes a similar setup to Vicious Cycle. An Inter-M CSP-4.8 DSP processor serves as the audio matrix. The instructors motivate their classes courtesy of two Aeromic CM11 Cyclemics with digital bodypack transmitters connected to a Fitness Audio 2.4GHz digital receiver. A second CM11 and transmitter was added to allow for drying between classes.

In addition, a rack mounted Aeromix 2+2 DC mixer allows master instructor Angharad Saynor to adjust the tonal quality of the microphone independently from the music tone in addition to adjusting any feedback issues out of the microphone mix. A front panel i-Jax input accepts MP3 players, preventing other instructors from searching for an auxiliary input jack. “The system is easy to use for someone unfamiliar with technical audio systems,” explained Saynor. “They came in and explained the setup for us and remain on hand to help us out. There’s a quality that not only helps us to raise the roof when needed, but it is also intelligible.”⁣