4 Tools Every Fitness Instructor Needs for Seamless Teaching

Being a Fitness Instructor isn’t always easy. Having to run multiple classes a day, motivating countless students, and making sure all your equipment is operating well consistently can get exhausting.

Fortunately, Fitness Audio is here to make your job easier! Read on to find out 4 tools every Fitness Instructor needs for seamless teaching.

1. A Fitness Microphone

When it comes to teaching group fitness, having a fitness mic is a must! Not only will a fitness-rated microphone help your students hear better and follow your class more easily, but it will also save your voice so you don’t have to scream over your music to be heard.

You should get a quality fitness microphone that is durable, sweat-proof, and wireless - this will prevent your movement from being restricted by wires.

In addition, we always recommend Fitness Instructors to get a microphone case to safely store their mic and transmitters when they’re not in use.

2. A Mic Belt

Wireless mic systems are an Exercise Instructors best friend. They do, however, often involve mic transmitters that need to be kept close to the Instructor when they’re using their microphone.

Our mic belts are the perfect solution to finding somewhere to store your mic transmitter. They are worn around the waist and feature a perfectly-sized pouch designed to store your microphone transmitter.

Keeping your mic transmitter in a mic belt will keep it safe from falls and moisture, and will ensure it is kept close enough to your microphone so your audio is clear and doesn’t cut-out.

3. eGloop Electronic Sweat Protectant Paste

Exposure of electronics to sweat is one of the leading causes of fitness microphone malfunction. In order to tackle this issue, Fitness Instructors should use eGloop Electronic Sweat Protectant Paste in the connectors of their microphones and transmitters. This will prevent moisture from getting into and damaging the electronics.

4. Deoxit Connection Cleaner

Almost every Fitness Instructor is familiar with that crackling sound that can occur when mic equipment is not sufficiently and/or frequently cleaned. The best and easiest way to avoid this is to use Deoxit Connection Cleaner on your mic and transmitter connectors. Do this before using eGloop Sweat Protectant to keep your mic system in the best condition possible and your audio sounding fantastic.

For any questions on our products, get in touch with the Fitness Audio team today.