The Ultimate Portable Column Speaker PA System with Sub & Wireless Mic

The ES503 is the ultimate portable column speaker PA system. Perfect as a portable or fixed PA system for fitness. 

This system is completed with a wireless microphone, designed for ease of use.

With 2 (4 x 3") full-range top speakers and a powerful 12" subwoofer, this is the system If you're looking for that extra kick, this is for you. Speakers, amp, mixer all combines neatly into one unit which is able to be taken apart an put back together as needed.

Also great as a stand alone music system for parties and background music. 


  • Built in Digital Mixer
  • Built in Stereo Bluetooth Receiver
  • 1000W Power Amp
  • 2 full-range top speaker and 1 master 12” subwoofer 
  • Simple yet powerful plug-and-play solution
  • A wireless EMic Headset with receiver and transmitter


DB Technologies quality speakers are backed up by a 3-Year Australian Warranty!

Included is a wireless mic and receiver to project your voice wirelessly. 

Everything you need to teach classes - Just add your own music!

All this shipped Australia wide, freight free! 

To ask us about the options that would suit you best, give AMA a call on 02 8399 1052.

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 *System does require 240V Power