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The EMic - XL Version

IMPORTANT: Please select the brand of your transmitter (battery pack, belt pack) in the drop down box above

Let us introduce the Extra Large EMic Fitness Rated Headset Microphone, with a half inch longer boom arm than the standard EMic Fitness Headset.

Both models have a black boom arm - With optional blue or red trim at the back of the headset.

The EMic head microphone designed for studios with light to medium fitness use. 

  • 12 month warranty for up to 20 classes a week
  • Noise cancelling, waterproof capsule
  • Sealed, reinforced frame with adjustable head band
  • Steel cable and a sweat protected connector
  • Can be wired to suit most brand transmitters, including Fitness Audio & Shure

When a big brand basic headmic just doesn't cut it for sweaty fitness it's time for an EMic headset!

It’s the 'E for Exercise', sweat-protected headmic for the independent fitness Instructor that’s suitable for most Group Fitness instruction at the 2-to-3 classes a day level. It’s also great to use in the less hectic studios like Circuit and Boxing classes. The noise-cancelling capsule makes it ideal for gentle exercise teaching like Yoga, Pilates and Aqua Fitness, whether indoors or out. It's also great coupled with our Portable PA Systems.

Don't put up with mics that have expensive windscreens, mics that fall off your head and don't fit, mics that bounce around in front of your face reducing your voice volume, or mics that have weird and uncomfortable temple pressure pads. It's time to get your own mic - get an EMic! We can wire it with a connector for all the major (or minor) brands - see the list above. Note* Please select the brand of your transmitter (battery pack, belt pack) in the drop down box above.

The EMic headset is now available in 7 colours! We suggest: Yellow for Group Fitness and Circuits, Orange for Spin Classes, Blue for Aqua classes, Red for Boxing, Green for Stretch classes and Black or Purple for any purpose at all!

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