SoundEar 3-320 Noise Level Monitor & Recorder

A simple and efficient way of managing and documenting noise levels

The SoundEar 3–320 is a High Precision Noise Level Logger that enables you to monitor and map the noise environment without a visual display, just a dB level readout. Comes with a built in Class1 noise level measuring microphone.

And ideal product to monitor sound levels and control volume in places such as factories, mines, hospitals, offices, pubs, clubs, live music venues etc.


  • Has a measuring range from 30 dB to 120 dB
  • Built in log that saves LAeq measurements for up to 90 days
  • Easy transfer of log data into the SoundEar software via USB to give a complete overview of the noise environment via a USB Logger that's included in the package
  • All measurements are saved in a CSV format and can be opened in Excel


Download the complete SoundEar 3 Series manual here

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