SoundEar 3-300 Noise Level Monitor & Recorder

It helps you reduce noise levels by making noise levels visual!

The new SoundEar 3-300 with included logger and software provides a complete overview of the noise environment. 

A large digital ear gives anyone in the room a 'quick-look' idea of whether the sound is getting too loud in the room you are trying to limit the sound in. When the ear turns red, you have reached date pre-set decibel level for the room. A digital reading gives an accurate level of the room level dB.

An excellent device for limiting staff from turning levels up too high, or showing neighbours and/or councils that you are abiding to the noise levels set out for your business. 


  • Has a measuring range from 30 dB to 120 dB
  • Ability to turn off the visual warning signal at night so it doesn’t disturb anyone i.e. patients sleeping in hospitals
  • Built in log that saves LAeq measurements for up to 90 days
  • Easy transfer of log data into the SoundEar software via USB to give a complete overview of the noise environment
  • All measurements are saved in a CSV format and can be opened in Excel

Download the complete SoundEar 3 Series manual here

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