MYE WC2 Receiver

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State-of-the-art replacement for all old Cardio Theater receivers.

Manufactured by the industry leader in entertainment technology, a superior audio performance and increased reliability at a reasonable price make this a natural replacement receiver for all the old brands and the right one to choose for a new Cardio Entertainment installation. Fitness Audio WES Replacement Receivers work with all UHF and FM TV transmitter brands including: Cardio Theater, BroadcastVision / BVE, MYE Entertainment, Enercise, Audeon and then there’s more features!

TV Audio and FM Radio Combined. Now Fitness Club customers can enjoy both TV audio and local FM radio in stereo (subject to location and transmission choices of the club).

- Sleek Compact Design with Large Easy to Read LCD Display.

- New Secure Grip Mounting Band – combines traditional and new mounting technologies for a quick and secure installation on any cardio machine.

- Bass Boost Button for Budphone users

- Self-Diagnostic Headphone Jack – flashing icon alerts maintenance personnel to replace the EzyFit headphone jack.

- 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Copy & Paste this link to see how to fit a receiver: and how to attach one to a Treadmill: