Mini Stack System with 8 Inch Speakers

Here's a punchy package for the smaller, multi-purpose fitness studio where a variety of class types are presented. It will deliver sweet sounds and a soft encouraging voice of a stretch or yoga style instructor or a more dynamic loudness for a power hungry motivated and sweaty trainer!

We have matched our Fitness Audio Mini Stack of electronics, the Mini Mixer, U Series Wireless Mic Receiver and AeroLink Bluetooth™ Receiver with an EMic and it's frame mounted mini transmitter, with a pair of DB Technologies B-Hype 8 inch powered speakers.

The new B-HYPE 8 is a versatile active speaker. It is equipped with one 1” compression driver and one 8” woofer. The B-Hype series aims to provide a professional yet efficient sonic performance to all kind of users, combining an extremely efficient CLASS D amplifier with aggressive sound pressure levels (up to 120 dB for this 8” cabinet), while delivering the most accurate sound reproduction.

DB Technologies quality speakers are backed up by a 3-Year Australian Warranty!

Everything you need to teach classes - Just add your own music! 

Great for rooms with up to 25-35 participants per class. Ideal for boutique studios, F45, Cycling Spin Rooms, Yoga Classes, Pilates, HIIT Training and much more! 

We will supply the package with a set of 2 x 21 metre long audio cables to connect the speakers back to the Mini Mixer. Once the levels have been set, all the instructor has to do is to pair up their smartphone to the AeroLink, press Play and start talking!

This system will also link up to our LM-30 Loudness Monitor (aka The Trigger) as an option for you to consider. Set the maximum level for the room - say 94dB on the Trigger (that's the OH&S recommendation) - and if that level is exceeded for an adjustable number of seconds then a circuit in the mixer cuts the sound back by a very unnoticeable 15dB to around, say 80dB, until the instructor adjusts the Voice and Music Levels down a touch to keep it all under 94dB.

All this shipped Australia wide, freight free! 

*Price does not include lockable glass door cabinet  

To ask us about the options that would suit you best, give AMA a call on                   02 8399 1052.

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