Fitness Audio DX6 Portable 2.4Ghz Digital Package

A great pack to add on to a portable system without an existing wireless mic! 


The Fitness Audio DX6-PR* Portable Receiver is the latest addition to our 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Line. Battery operated, it's an easy add on to a Portable PA system with no built-in receiver. This receiver is compatible with our DX6-TF Digital Beltpack Transmitter.  

The DX6-PR uses ASAP© (Auto Search Auto Pair) technology for an instant start on an interference free channel. No set-up is required. Mic signals pass through a seamless 3-stage data redundancy circle to ensure stable and quality reception. A proprietary codec (encode/decode) circuit delivers excellent audio quality and a wide dynamic range. 

The digital processing inside the receiver means more volume, less feedback! Get your volumes much higher than before, without the annoying squeals. 

PACK INCLUDES: DX6 Digital Beltpack Receiver  DX6 Digital Beltpack Transmitter & EMic Microphone


  • Built in lithium 1200mAh battery
  • Digital Sound Processing - More gain, less feedback.
  • 82 Channel auto scan to find the cleanest channel
  • Sleek, Compact design 
  • Fully charged operating time > 8 hours 
  • Sturdy ABS housing
  • Built in mini USB charging port 
  • USB Charging cable & power pack included
  • iJax audio cable supplied

*Important: The DX6 range is not backwards compatible with the previous Fitness Audio D-Series range.

Fitness Audio DX6 Manual