Compact Wireless Mic System

Take your fitness streaming game to the next level! 

The Air Bridge Bee is an ultra-compact wireless microphone system that is a great way to capture and record/live stream quality voice audio. 

The transmitter features an in-built microphone. It can be used as a clip on mic, or connect the supplied lapel mic for crystal-clear audio via 2.4GHz digital transmission. 

Ideal for fitness instructors looking to capture their voice at a high quality when streaming classes or creating fitness videos.

Great for all content creators:  filmmakers, on-camera presenters, vloggers and more.

Can be attached direct to the mic input of your camera, computer and phone (note: not all phones have  mic input and an adaptor may be required)

Comes with all acc's pictured and  a 12 month warranty.

Key features:

  • Transmitter operates as a clip-on microphone or belt pack for a lapel/headset microphone.
  • Ultra light & compact 
  • In-built rechargeable batteries that last up to 6 hours, charged via USB
  • Super easy to use – transmitter and receiver auto-pair in under three seconds
  • Use up to 5 systems in one location
  • 100 feet range outdoors