Aeromic & Cyclemic & Fitness Audio Wireless Package

Aeromic or Cyclemic and Fitness Audio U Series Package Deal!

Choose between an Aeromic AM11LS for Group Fitness or Cyclemic CM11LS for Studio Cycling and use the Fitness Audio 16 Channel UHF set featuring the exclusive sweat protected circuit board in the transmitter beltpack.

This mic package features the Lo-Sensitivity Capsule on the Aeromic & Cyclemic and is protected by the new Carbon Collar for more voice volume and less feedback.

If you already have a Fitness Audio U Series wireless mic system and want another in the same frequency group check the group you already have as shown in options 2-4 in the selection box above. If not then check the 1st option and we will send you the best one based on your address.

NB: This wireless system needs to be connected to a sound system via a Mic/Line mixer which are available on the site. 

Receiver & Transmitter Manual