Small Group Exercise Sound System Package

Globally there are many Yoga Studios, Pilates Studios, Personal Training Studios, Barre Studios, Boxercise Studios and Martial Arts Studios that really need a good value sound system to run their small group exercise classes (up to 20 people). Introducing from Fitness Audio: The FA Quintet Sound System.

It comprises 5 items that you can install and connect yourself:

1. A sweat resistant E*Mic in one of 4 colours with an MT-U8 Mini Transmitter mounted on the frame. Ideal to use with all gentle exercise programs, as well as not-so-gentle boxing classes

2. A 3 x 50 watt-output amplifier/mixer with a matching wireless mic receiver module installed, plus rack-mount wings if bolting into a wall-mounted equipment rack

3. An 8" Sub-woofer in black wood finish supplied with a 5 metre jack-to-jack speaker cable

4 & 5. A pair of 5 inch (13cm) 2-way 50w Satellite Speakers (your choice of black or white) with their own wall mounting brackets

Also included with the amplifier is a mini jack-to-jack cable to use with personal MP3 players or smartphones for music playback. There's a USB Charging Port on the amp's back panel so using it with your USB charging cable you can charge a device while it's playing. Bonus FREE accessories include a coloured battery cover for the Mini Transmitter that matches your E*Mic, plus a complimentary Yoga Wrap as the first line of protection against head sweat, ideal for Yoga and hot Bikram Yoga classes. AAA Batteries for the MT-U8 Transmitter can be ordered here or rechargeables can also be used like these.

Installation: All you need to do with this system is to mount the speakers on the walls or ceiling and run speaker cable to them from the amplifier.

Of course, a system like this has other uses, too, such as a small Background Music (BGM) System where we swap the E*Mic for a PA announcement mic using a wired+wireless gooseneck transmitter instead, at the same cost.

If you want to go wireless with your smartphone music simply add the AL 3.0 Aerolink Bluetooth Receiver to the package.

Don't forget small businesses can claim this sound system package as a tax deduction!

Call or email us anytime with any questions, or to discuss suitability for your studio. The Fitness Audio Quintet System - it's all your small studio needs.

Mixer Amplifier Control Manual & Data Sheet

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