Background Music System (Small)

Around the world many Coffee Shops, Juice Bars, Cafes and Restaurants need a good value sound system that not only satisfies their music needs, whilst creating the right atmosphere for their customers. This is something different from Aeromix: The Aeromix Quartet Sound System. It comprises 4 items that you can install and connect yourself:

1. A 3 x 50 watt output amplifier with matching wireless mic receiver module installed and rack-mount wings (if bolting into a wall-mounted equipment rack)

2. An 8" Sub-woofer in black woodgrain finish supplied with a 5m jack-to-jack speaker cable

3 & 4. A pair of 3.5 inch (9cm) 2-way 50w Satellite Speakers with their own wall-mounting brackets. Choose from either black or white speakers

The system includes a USB and SD playback module that you can download hours of MP3 files to, so that no phones or MP3 players need to be hooked up. Also included with the amplifier is a mini jack-to-jack cable that you can use with personal MP3 players and smartphones as the music playback source, if you so wish. There's a USB Charging Port on the amp's back panel so by using your USB charging cable you can charge a device when it's playing.

Installation: All you need to do is mount the speakers on either the walls or ceiling and run speaker cable to them from the amplifier. A system like this has other uses too. We can supply a dynamic push-to-talk desk or handheld microphone for announcements, if required. There's also an output to drive a second power amplifier if you are wanting to add lines of in-ceiling speakers to other areas of a bigger venue. The Aeromix Quartet System - so versatile!

Free Freight for orders under $250!