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SoundEar II Industry

Find out if you need to use ear protection or who needs to turn the sound down!

In workplaces, as well as in clubs, it is sometimes difficult to decide whether ear protection is needed or not. SoundEar II Industry leaves nothing to chance. It shows a clear and easily understandable warning in those areas where the use of ear protection is required. SoundEar II Industry is mounted onto a wall, showing the noise level in a colourful "traffic lights" way. You can pre-set your SoundEar II Industry to provide a visual warning sign consisting of a flashing red light at 16 different noise limits ranging from 40 to 115 dB(A).

SoundEar II Industry is dust and waterproof and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.


Optional Extras! The SoundLog USB Logger visualises and documents the noise level in the room with accurate noise reports.

Purchase the optional extra USB Logger for your SoundEar II Industry and when plugged in it will continuously record and store the sound levels in that area every 2 minutes for 30 days. Transferring the USB Logger to your computer, you can download the data and see the measurements carried out over a period of up to four weeks at a time on ready-to-print graphs and charts. By printing off the graphs or charts you can see exactly how many decibels the sound level reached and when and will enable you to compare the sound conditions on different days of week or even times of day.

The USB Logger is also available with the standard SoundEar II Monitor Panel at the same additional cost.

We now have the SoundEar External Microphone available for the Soundear Industry. It comes with a 2m cable. We can also supply a 10m extension cable, should you need to locate the microphone further away from the SE panel. Please use the Options panel to order.