Why You Need a High-Quality Sound System in Your Fitness Centre

When it comes to setting up your fitness centre, it’s easy to focus all your attention on your equipment and gym layout. It is, however, also important that you think about your sound system.

Your sound system plays a critical role in creating a vibrant and enticing workout environment. It can often make or break your gym and can be the difference between you and your competitors.

Why is your sound system so impactful? Read on to find out!


These days, most people listen to music or podcasts while they exercise. This keeps them entertained and makes for a much more enjoyable workout.

Having a high-quality sound system in your gym is therefore important in keeping your members entertained. By playing clear and well-distributed music throughout your gym, you will create a much more positive workout experience for your customers.


Music can also be a great source of motivation for members. Studies have shown that listening to music while you exercise can reduce your oxygen consumption by 7%. This reduces exhaustion and fatigue, allowing for a much more effective and efficient workout.

Group Fitness Class Experience

Having a high-quality sound system will also allow for a much better group fitness class experience. Not only will members feel more motivated by the pumping music, but they’ll also be able to hear your Instructors much more clearly and follow along with greater ease. Just don’t forget your fitness mic and mixer!

If you’re wanting to install a quality sound system in your gym but are unsure how to get started, give Fitness Audio a call. Our audio experts will be able to help you set up a pumping sound system that will create an unforgettable workout environment.