The Complete Guide to Starting an Outdoor Fitness Class

Since lockdown, the popularity of outdoor fitness classes has been on the rise. These classes provide attendees with all the benefits of traditional fitness classes, with the addition of an ambient outdoor environment, a greater ability to socially distance and generally cheaper attendance fees. Because of this, more and more Trainers are skipping the studio and taking their classes outside.⁣

If you’re considering starting an outdoor fitness class, read on to find out how to get started!⁣

Location! Location! Location!⁣

One of the greatest benefits about starting an outdoor fitness class is that you have greater freedom to choose where you will teach your classes. You should look for an outdoor area such as a park or an oval that has enough space for you to carry out your class. You should also aim for an area that has shade and sun so you can cater for different temperatures.⁣

Most importantly, ensure your chosen location is easy to access and has parking nearby. Many people choose where they will workout based on convenience so making sure your class is easily-accessible is a make-or-break.⁣

Don’t forget to look into what your requirements are if you’re hosting your classes in a public area. You may be required to pay a fee if you are using public land!⁣

Invest in an Outdoor Sound System⁣

A drawback of hosting outdoor classes is the lack of control you will have over background noise. In order to tackle this, you will need to ensure you have a sufficient sound system.⁣

Looking for a sound system that is designed for outdoor use is your best bet. These sound systems will often include a mic, transmitter and speakers that are portable and suited for outdoor use.⁣

Consider investing in a mixer too so that your class can hear your instructions clearly over the music without you straining your voice.⁣

Logistics and Limitations⁣

Unfortunately, there are limitations to outdoor fitness classes when it comes to equipment - especially if you’re working alone. We all know that fitness equipment can be an absolute pain to transport, so you have to be realistic when it comes to what you’ll bring and what you’ll get your clients to bring.⁣

We recommend you don’t go further than exercise mats, resistance bands, and light weights. If your class does require more heavy-duty equipment, it is probably better that you rent out a studio instead.⁣

Have a Back-Up Plan⁣

One of the biggest concerns many Instructors have about outdoor classes is around what will happen if it rains. The best way to go about this is to find an area that has undercover options. This is much easier said than done however, so we also recommend you look into facilities you can rent out in the event of wet weather.⁣

Many schools and community centres have halls that can be rented for relatively cheap rates and with little notice. Suss out options that aren’t too far from where you usually host your classes so that your attendees don’t have to travel too much. ⁣

Have Fun!⁣

The most important thing to remember when starting your outdoor fitness class is to have fun! We know it can be daunting to get started, but having a good attitude and bringing your A-game will make a huge difference in the experience both you and your clients have in your class!⁣

For more information on outdoor sound systems, contact the Fitness Audio team.⁣