The Benefits of Listening to Music While Working Out

These days most people listen to music while they exercise. This not only makes a mundane workout more interesting, but also provides a number of benefits that are backed by science.

Here are Fitness Audio’s top 4 benefits of listening to music while you workout.

Helps Set and Maintain Pace

Listening to music while exercising can be an effective way of setting and maintaining a constant pace. The right music can help you keep your rhythm, speed, and energy level up.

Listening to music with a slow tempo will help you maintain a slow pace (ideal for warm-ups, cool-downs and low-impact exercise). On the other hand, listening to music with a fast tempo will help set a faster pace (ideal for high-impact workouts and training).

Motivates You

Studies have shown that listening to music elevates your mood, leading to greater levels of motivation. When you are in a good mood and motivated, you’re likely to exercise for longer and achieve new personal bests.

Distracts You (In a Good Way!)

Music can distract you from feelings of fatigue and exertion, making you push harder and have a more effective workout.

A study done by the American Council on Exercise found that music can increase endurance during exercise by up to 15%!

Makes You Want to Move!

Just as if you were in a nightclub, listening to music when you workout makes you want to move! This will get you in the mood to exercise harder and for longer, however it does depend on the type of music you listen to. Listening to slow-tempo music won’t have as much of an effect as fast-tempo songs.

Music can have a substantial effect on the quality of your workout. Having quality audio equipment, however, is just as important as having a pumping playlist!

If you run a fitness studio and are wanting to optimise your customers’ workouts and results, it’s a good idea to put together a high-energy playlist and invest in a good sound system. This will keep your gym competitive and help you get new members!

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