Streaming & Recording Fitness Classes From Anywhere!

The current global situation is causing nothing but pain to everyone in the Fitness Industry.

Gyms and Gym Instructors are being left without work and means to connect to their clientele. Everyone still wants and needs to exercise. They need to focus on their health and fitness now more than ever!

This being said, we are being inundated with people wanting to provide quality online audio and streaming solutions for their clients. We can provide these remote streaming solutions to help group fitness instructors and personal trainers deliver their classes in a quality format from anywhere.

Teaching classes online either via recording or streaming live is a great way for trainers and gym owners to help and retain their existing clients. To achieve this, it is paramount for these videos to be informative, with clear sounding instructions.

We have a range of solutions that will help you deliver quality you need.

The Samson USB Digital Wireless System with Headset Microphone retails at $249 and is designed to be used for PC's and laptops. While the audio delivery is very crisp, it is not primarily used for phones as an adapter is required. The Samson Go Mic Mobile Wireless System with Lapel Mic however is. This system retails for $549 and comes with a phone mounting bracket.

The HELIX Portable PA range is the complete solution. It starts with the HELIX 765 Portable PA which retails at $1499The HELIX 208 Portable PA  ($1999)  provides a step up in power for larger classes while the HELIX 1510X Portable PA is the ultimate solution for both indoor and outdoor classes and comes with an inbuilt trolley for ease of transportation. These systems come complete with everything required to stream your workouts.

Whatever your requirements, you need a solution that will help you and your instructors deliver during this period. Click the video to see the difference these devices make to your classes and contact us via the site or call 02 83991052 if you have any questions.

Stay safe and keep fit!