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Microphone Hygiene Tips

  • 1 min read
A couple of quick tips to keep your microphone hygiene at the highest level.

  • Use your own microphone windscreen, and make sure you have plenty of spares. All our microphones are able to be used with a windscreen

  • Ensure the microphone can dry out after each class i.e rotate microphones between classes

  • Use a dry towel to wipe down the microphone after every class

  • Don’t try to clean or wipe the capsule with sanitisers, cleaners, or alcohol wipes: these types of cleaners can dissolve the sweat-proof coating and cause damage.

  • Own your own microphone pouch belt

  • Where possible, use your own microphone. The EMic is a great choice for individual instructors

Don’t forget, all microphone and microphone accessory purchases are tax deductible for instructors! Our range of fitness microphones start from $149

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