How to Level-Up Your Body Pump Class

Body Pump is becoming the fitness-class-of-choice for many around the world. This is great news if you run a Body Pump class, however it does also mean you can expect an increase in competition as more fitness studios take on the class.

Hang tight though, because there are a multitude of ways that you can differentiate your Body Pump class from the rest, stay competitive, and even acquire new members. Read on to find out how.

Invest in Your Equipment

Barbells and aerobic steps can be expensive, but it is critical you invest in good quality equipment for your class. High-quality equipment will reflect a high-quality class. Plus, more often than not, you will actually save money by opting for the higher-market equipment as it won’t break so easily, and you won’t need replacements as often.

Gym equipment that is susceptible to breakage can also pose a health risk to your members. Particularly for classes that use weights, such as Body Pump, it is advisable to seek more up-market equipment.

Set a Pumping Atmosphere

It’s called Body PUMP for a reason, so you want your atmosphere to reflect this. Put together a playlist that motivates your class and gets the adrenaline going. Consider pop music, electronic music, and remixes. Look for songs that have a fast tempo.

Remember though, that a great playlist is nothing without a solid sound system. The choice for many gyms these days is to get a custom designed and installed sound system. This creates that immersive audio environment that motivates members and gets them results! If this is slightly out of budget for you, a few good quality speakers positioned around your studio should do the trick.

A fitness microphone is also an important component of your sound system, particularly for Body Pump. If your members cannot hear you properly, they won’t be able to do the class correctly - and this can be a huge make-or-break for them.

Having a fitness mic will also prevent you from straining your voice as you won’t have to yell over the music.

Explain What You’re Doing

It’s always nice to be reassured that the strenuous exercise you’re doing actually does something beneficial - particularly for those new to training. So don’t shy away from explaining what each exercise does to your class. Let them know what muscles they should be using, and where they should feel it.

Incorporating your exercise science knowledge into your class will also help your clients build a greater level of trust in you. They will see you as the expert that you are and will broaden their own exercise science knowledge along the way.

Consider More Intimate Classes

Classes that have a lower client-to-trainer ratio tend to be more popular. The added support that comes from more 1-on-1 attention is important to many clients, plus most people feel more comfortable when they are working out in a smaller group.

It is for these reasons that you should consider holding smaller, more-intimate classes. This will also help you build stronger relationships with each member, making them less likely to change gyms or classes.

Incorporating these steps into your Body Pump class will help you provide your clients with a better, more memorable experience. For more information on Body Pump sound systems, contact the Fitness Audio team today.