Fitness Mic 101: How to Look After Your Aeromic Microphone

If you’ve just purchased an Aeromic and are a little unsure about how to get started and how to best look after it, this guide is for you.

Step 1. Inspect Your Aeromic

First things first, you want to inspect your Aeromic prior to using it. To do this, run your fingers down the wire to ensure there are no cuts or kinks. Make sure the plug is intact, not loose and that the clip and the button is working.

Step 2. Make Sure the Frame is the Right Size

You then need to ensure the microphone’s frame is the correct size for your head. If you need to reshape the frame, simply either bend it out or in gently with two hands. Make sure you don’t kink the back frame.

Step 3. Make Sure the Mic Capsule is Positioned Close to your Mouth

Our Aeromics have pre-bent boom arms to bring the capsule as close to the mouth as possible. If the positioning of the mic capsule needs adjusting, simply bend the middle of the boom mic gently in or out as needed, but don’t continually bend it back and forth.

Step 4. Clean your Aeromic Regularly and Thoroughly

Never use alcohol wipes or solvents when cleaning the boom arm of your Aeromic. Simply dry them with a towel and let them dry out overnight. This will kill any germs that have formed on the microphone.

Following these tips will help you maximise your microphone’s lifespan and performance so you can deliver the best fitness class hassle-free!⁣⁣⁣