Fitness Audio’s Guide to Running an Epic Outdoor Fitness Class

Since the pandemic, outdoor fitness class popularity has soared, and it’s continuing to grow! Many people are choosing outdoor fitness classes over traditional indoor classes as they provide greater ability to social distance and allow them to workout in the fresh air.

If you’re a Fitness Instructor and you’re considering taking your group exercise classes outdoors, read on for Fitness Audio’s Guide to Running an Epic Outdoor Fitness Class.

Communicate with Your Members and Community

First things first, you need to make sure there is market demand for your outdoor exercise class. If you already teach group fitness, this can be as easy as asking your current students if they’d be interested in working out outside. If you don’t currently teach a fitness class, you can consult members of your community in local groups.

You should also do some market research to determine who your competition is and how you can make your outdoor group fitness class better!

Figure Out Your When and Where

Once you’ve determined that there is demand for your outdoor fitness class, you need to figure out when you will carry out your classes and where.

Many fitness classes run early in the morning and later in the evening so people can attend before and/or after work. If your fitness class targets more niche audiences, such as new parents, uni students or seniors, you can get away with teaching your classes later in the morning or earlier in the afternoon.

As for where you should teach your class, you should aim to find an open area that has nearby parking and is easy to access. Finding somewhere that is undercover or has nearby shelter is a good idea too in case it rains or is especially hot.

Investigate Permits and Licenses

You will also need to ensure you have all the documentation you need to safely carry out your outdoor exercise class. The exact permits and licenses you will need will differ depending upon which country and state you’re in. To ensure you’re meeting all relevant legal requirements, the best thing to do is to contact your local council. They will be able to advise you on what documents you need to safely carry out your class.

Consider Your Equipment Requirements

Outdoor fitness classes are a bit more restrained when it comes to equipment. Any equipment that you do need should be portable and easy to set-up and pack-up, such as kettlebells, weights, and fitness steps. Try and get your members to bring their own equipment too, such as towels and mats.

In addition to exercise equipment, you also need to think about audio equipment. If you want to play music to help motivate your students, you will need to invest in a portable sound system. We also recommend outdoor Exercise Instructors get a fitness microphone too, so you don’t need to strain your voice and so you can ensure all your participants can hear you clearly. This is especially important if you’re hosting your fitness class in a busy park or somewhere where there is a lot of traffic.

For more information on portable sound systems, contact Fitness Audio today!