Fitness Sound Systems VS Standard Sound Systems: Is There Really a Difference?

Whether you’ve just opened a fitness studio or have owned one for years, chances are you’ve had to make a decision surrounding the kind of sound system you will use in your gym. ⁣

It’s easy to fall into the mindset that your studio is about fitness, not music and you should hence opt for the less-expensive standard PA system. However, this will do you no favours in the long-term, and will likely result in a less-than-ideal experience for you, your Instructors, and your customers alike. ⁣

In this article, we will discuss the difference between fitness sound systems and standard systems, and why it is beyond worthwhile to invest in one designed for gyms.⁣

1. Simplicity ⁣

While they may sound more complicated, fitness sound systems are actually designed to be easier to use. ⁣

Most gym audio providers are aware that Fitness Instructors are focussed on teaching their class, not messing around with complex audio equipment. Because of this, they design their sound systems to be easy to use and control and avoid adding in any other unnecessary equipment that may cause confusion. ⁣

Ideal fitness mixerswill feature one easy to use master on/off switch, very simple sound adjustments and controls, and an intuitive method of running the system. ⁣

2. Clarity⁣

Fitness classes have very specific audio requirements. For example, it is important that music can be played loudly without overpowering the Instructor’s voice. ⁣

Fitness sound systems are designed with this in mind. They are able to balance pumping music with the audio coming from the Instructor’s mic, all while providing superior sound quality. ⁣

This way, fitness class participants can have an engaging and effective workout, and Instructors don’t have to strain their vocal cords shouting over the loud music. ⁣

3. Durability⁣

Home stereo systems and most low-grade PA systems often aren’t able to meet the demands of a fitness studio. Things like exposure to sweat and intense movement can easily damage standard audio equipment, which can result in unnecessary repair and replacement costs.⁣

In addition, delicate home theater or stereo speakers are very easily damaged when used with wireless microphones, particularly with varying volume levels and the occurrence of feedback.⁣

Fitness sound systems are designed to be much more durable than standard sound systems. They often feature sweat-resistant equipment, minimal wires, and transmitters that can easily be worn on the body.⁣

4. Support⁣

Sound systems are complex and often things can go wrong, so ensuring you have someone to call for technical assistance is a must - particularly someone who understands fitness sound systems. ⁣

Fitness sound system installers, such as Fitness Audio, will often offer round-the-clock support even after installation in the event that any issues or complications arise.⁣

For a quality sound system fit for your gym, get in contact with our team today!⁣