5 Ways to Run an Effective Group Fitness Class Online

Since the start of the pandemic, many Fitness Instructors have taken their classes online. Although this is the safer and more convenient option, online fitness classes do pose new challenges, and there are many considerations that must be taken into account. ⁣

Whether you already have an online fitness class, or are looking to start one soon, there are a number of ways in which you can make it more effective for both you and your clients. ⁣

1. Test Run⁣

A key consideration to make prior to teaching your virtual class is how it will appear online. Will all exercises be visible through your camera? Will you be cut-off doing some? Can your clients see what you’re doing clearly? ⁣

The best way to figure this out is to conduct a test run. Record yourself doing the class by yourself to see what exercises are suitable for virtual teaching. You may need to adjust your routine, lighting and/or invest in a better camera or tripod to ensure you can be seen throughout the duration of the class.⁣

Keep audio in consideration as well. You need to ensure that your clients can hear you clearly, with minimal background noise. Use a fitness mic to capture your instructions, just as you would for any in-person class.⁣

2. Limit Equipment⁣

This is dependent upon the type of class you teach. For many, you don’t need any equipment at all, but for some you need a fair amount. ⁣

If it is reasonable to cut-down on equipment, do so as it will be a deal-breaker for your clients if they have to purchase a large amount of expensive gym equipment to do your class.

Try and limit the required equipment to resistance bands, exercise mats, and light weights. Also, be sure to give your clients plenty of notice as to what equipment they need prior to commencing your classes. ⁣

3. Keep it Personal⁣

Many Instructors worry that virtual classes will stifle the relationships they have built with their clients. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, however. Simply remembering your clients’ names and chatting throughout your virtual classes will create a more personal experience. ⁣

This is also a great way of keeping up with all the online fitness class competition, as your members will be more likely to stick with you if they feel you have formed a connection. ⁣

4. Make it Fun⁣

For many people, particularly if they are in lockdown or isolation, your workout class will be an opportunity for them to de-stress and forget about the pandemic. You should therefore aim to make it fun and engaging! This will help boost their moods, as well as yours.⁣

Setting a fun and welcoming environment will also help your class feel more comfortable, particularly if your clients are new!⁣

5. Always Look to Improve⁣

Virtual classes are a new concept for many of us, so asking for feedback goes a long way! Always seek ways in which you can improve your class and look for inspiration from others.⁣

Using digital tools such as Instagram polls is a great way to encourage a constant feedback loop.⁣

Virtual classes are challenging to navigate, so don’t be discouraged if things don’t go to plan at first. Keep altering your routines as required and remember that these classes are foreign to most of us. ⁣

If you are looking to upgrade your audio equipment, contact the Fitness Audio team and we will help you find the right tools to get the best sound for your virtual class. ⁣