Advances in Technology For Total Member Satisfaction. Part 2 - The Components Needed for a Complete Gym Sound System Upgrade

A good gym needs a good atmosphere. That’s why it’s so vital that your sound system is pumping in all parts of your studio. ⁣

Each room in your gym should have a custom sound installation based on its physical structure as well as its purpose. For example, a small room used for Yoga would ideally have a very different atmosphere to a large room used for HIIT or Zumba. ⁣

Our largest US Dealer, AV Now, breaks down the importance of having a vibrant sound atmosphere throughout your gym in their article:⁣

“There are many differences between your everyday sound system and a gym sound system. The specific features that only a fitness sound system provides are essential to grow and retain your members for a couple of reasons.⁣

Sound systems designed and manufactured to be fitness sound systems will withstand the elements, provide sweat resistance, and endure constant day-to-day use. ⁣

But wait, there’s more! ⁣

It is essential to create a motivating environment that will get your members moving and keep them active. The absolute best way to fuel positive energy is with music. ⁣

The experience your members have by either attending a group class or by dropping in for a quick 30-minute cardio session will be enhanced by music. Providing an elevated experience starts when your members walk through the door until the moment they leave. ⁣

Even though the majority will be pushing through their workouts with their latest playlist pumping through their earbuds, the atmosphere, in general, should remain consistent when they take their earbuds out. ⁣

Listen to this, of the countless times that I have taken out my earbuds at the end of a workout, not once did I find it enjoyable to be subjected to pure silence immediately. If my physical activity had concluded, why should the entertainment?⁣

Being as easily entertained as I am, a little music goes a long way. ⁣

In addition, music post-workout relaxes us and gives us a sense of accomplishment that we carry with us for the rest of the day. Providing a lasting impression will entice more members to write positive reviews and spread the word about their experiences. ⁣

Music plays a big part in keeping you motivated during exercise and will diminish any signs of fatigue. Studies have shown that we naturally synchronise our workout pace to the tempo of background music and simultaneously use up to 7% more oxygen during a workout than if there was no music at all. ⁣

I can't think of anything negative about the motivation that we obtain from music. Without it, we focus on boredom, become easily distracted, and often think about how tired we are. ⁣

By fuelling us with music, you essentially give us more time to unwind before we leave your club and get back to our regular schedules with regular life thoughts and worries. ⁣

Depending on the shape and size of your club, you will need to consider various zones. ⁣

Why is that? ⁣

I'm sure that your Yoga class may not appreciate the same music as the Zumba class in the next room or vice-versa, so it is essential to control each zone independently. ⁣

If you are remodelling a current space or opening an entirely new fitness club, the design and layout of your studio go hand-in-hand with the sound system for maximum sound and ideal placement. ⁣

If you aren’t sure of the number of zones you require, don’t worry, that’s what we are here for! ⁣

The sound system is responsible for creating the atmosphere, which is not easy for just any sound system to achieve, but fitness sound systems are in a league of their own, not to mention easy to use!”⁣

Access the article here.⁣

Fitness Audio can help you set the perfect audio environment for your fitness studio. We can work with the natural acoustics of your space to create a pumping sound system that will keep your members motivated and coming back for more!⁣

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