4 Important AV Considerations You Need to Make for Your Fitness Centre

Having the right audio visual equipment plays an important role in differentiating your fitness centre from the rest. It will increase member retention, bring new customers in, and make your gym a more enjoyable place to work.

There are a few things you need to consider before purchasing any AV equipment, however. Here are Fitness Audio’s top 4.

1. Placement and Accessibility

The placement of your audio visual equipment can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of your gym. Properly positioning your speakers around your studio with consideration of room size, ceiling height, and many other factors will maximise the audio potential of your sound system and create a high-quality, clear, and vibrant sound environment that will motivate your members. Because of this, Fitness Audio always recommends you get a professional to set up your audio equipment for you.

You also want to ensure that any wires coming from your speakers are hidden to maximise aesthetics and reduce any tripping hazards.

Lastly, the placement of your sound/lighting controls should also be considered. Ensuring they are positioned somewhere where your Instructors can easily access them will ensure a much smoother group fitness class experience for both your Instructors and your members.

2. Group and Individual Use

If your fitness centre offers group exercise classes as well as a gym floor where members can workout individually, you’ll need to think about having different types of sound systems for each room.

While you can get away with having a simple sound system for your gym floor, you’ll likely need a more complex system that allows for the use of fitness mics in your group exercise rooms.

3. Ease of Use

It’s easy to forget that your Fitness Instructors are fitness experts - not necessarily AV experts. Because of this, you need to ensure that your lighting and sound systems are easy to control and the control panels are easy to use. This way, they can spend more time focussing on delivering an amazing fitness class and less time messing around with the sound and lighting.

4. Member Expectations

Fitness centre expectations are as high as ever these days. Most customers will expect you to have a high-quality sound system, an extensive range of workout equipment, and fun, flashy lights in your group fitness studios. Because of this, you need to ensure all components of your gym meet and exceed these expectations.

When it comes to AV equipment in particular, some things you should think about are the quality of your sound and lighting systems, the distribution of sound and light around your gym, the acoustics of your studio, the soundproofing of separate rooms, and the availability and positioning of screens around your gym to keep your members entertained while they workout.

It can be daunting thinking about all the things you need to consider prior to purchasing your gym’s AV equipment. Fortunately, Fitness Audio is here to help.

Our team of fitness centre AV Professionals will advise you on what you do and do not need in your gym and how you should best go about setting up your sound and lighting systems.

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